Parliamentary Inquiry Into The Light Rail

Light Rail Action Group Speaking at Parliamentary Inquiry. Date: Monday 17th August 2018 Time: 415-445pm Place: Parliament House Sydney or livestream here We have have been invited to speak at the parliamentary inquiry into the light rail next Monday 17th August at 4:15pm. It would be great if you could make it along, or you can watch …


NCAT Hearing – Good News!

I have been granted an NCAT hearing for my freedom of information request into the light rail. Drinks afterward at the Civic Hotel from 4pm. Date: 2nd October 2018 Time: 10am hearing / 4pm Drinks Place: Level 10 John Maddison Tower Goulburn St Sydney / Drinks: Civic Hotel

Light Rail More Secret Documents Released – More Capacity Confusion   The main reason for the light rail was to relieve congestion and get 220 buses out of the city. But then it was 180. But today, the premier has said "you know what, having a modern light rail down George St in Sydney, beats 200 buses any day of the week." But, does …

Berejiklian’s light rail to be caught short in peak hour

Sydney Light Rail Action Group

Berejiklian’s light rail to be caught short in peak hour–  The Australian.


When NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s controversial $2.1 billion CBD light rail opens in 2019, it will have 1000 more people wanting to use it than what her Transport Minister has said is its capacity.

Documents obtained under freedom of information show that in a Transport for NSW “CBD and South East Light Rail Project Benefits Realisation Plan”, dated April 2015, the document puts demand for the light rail at “14,547 morning peak one-hour demand growing at an annual rate of 1 per cent to 16,935 in 2036’’.

Yet in an answer to a question on notice from a budget estimates committee delivered last month, Transport Minister Andrew Constance said that from early 2019 light rail would have 15 services operating in each direction per hour, “meaning total hourly capacity…

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Save The Trees and Animals Campaign views for the NSW Council Elections.

FRIDAY 8th September 2017 - MEDIA RELEASE - IMMEDIATE RELEASE The following press release is our belief without prejudice. We are the "Save The Trees And Animals Campaign”, We have been desperately trying to stop Sydney and Randwick Councils from killing our 150 year old street and park trees. So far we have failed. Approximately 600 trees have been murdered with the approval and support of the majority of the Randwick and Sydney councillors. 

NSW Government Approves Sydney Light Rail Compensation!

GOVERNMENT AWARDS COMPENSATION FOR BUSINESSES AFFECTED BY LIGHT RAIL In a major victory, The NSW Liberal Government has finally acknowledged that people’s lives and livelihoods have been destroyed and decimated by their Sydney Light Rail project and they have announced a compensation plan. At this stage, we believe it is only for businesses, but this …

Alan Jones talks to Small Business and Residents affected by the Sydney Light Rail destruction.

Class Action awaits: We hope to get the 871 Significant and heritage listed trees impacted and Aboriginal Artefacts destroyed by this project included with the class action and compensation, like our politicians and others that approved this project to be out planting and tending trees. Cancel The Sydney Light Rail Call the premier 02 8574 …