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The Sydney Light Rail Action Group was formed in 2016 as a response to the killing of Anzac Memorial Trees and Cutting Public Transport Capacity for the $2.1 billion CBD and South East Light Rail Project.

The Sydney Light Rail Action Group has FIVE main aims:

  1. Save Our Anzac Memorial Trees and Sydney’s Shade Trees.
  2. Save Our Buses.
  3. Save Sydney’s Jobs.
  4. Save $1 billion.
  5. Put the rail underground and finish the eastern suburbs railway

    Current ACTIONS:
    Call Premier Gladys Berejiklian (02) 8574 5000
    Call Opposition Leader Luke Foley (02) 9230 2310
    Call 2 friends and get them to do the same. (People Power!)

LR_Forum_PosterMore information contact John on 0414 755 621


The CBD and South East Light Rail (CSELR) eliminates 220 buses from entering the city in the am peak hour. These buses can carry an estimated 16,000 passengers per hour and are to be replaced by just 15 tram services per hour. The tram services can only carry 6,750 people per hour, this is a reduction in capacity of over 9,000 passengers per hour or nearly 60%. This is for the 1st 10 years of operation. Click here to find out the fully referenced facts

HERE IS THE PROOF – Under Oath in the Budget Estimates Committee NSW Parliament 25th September 2015.

The government claim they will put on more buses to increase capacity, but surely this defeats the whole purpose of the project in the first place? (To get buses out of the city)

The CSELR will impact over 1400 trees, of which nearly 900 are heritage listed or significant trees.

The light rail will also be slower, less frequent, less comfortable, less safe, less convenient and create much more congestion than our current buses. Click here for the facts.

The goal of the Sydney Light Rail Action Group is to actively protest against the tree destruction, campaign to save our buses and cuts to public transport, and to conduct a full parliamentary inquiry into the CSELR planning, approval and construction. And for the government to deliver a better solution.

The Sydney Light Rail Action group was started by John Bellamy, Alex Kleytman, John Boyle and a strong community that grew out of Valentine’s Day Tree Rally and The Total Environment Centre the group has gone on to Start The Save The Trees And Buses Campaign. and now Save The Trees And Animals Campaign.Com

The group was founded in March, 2016 to shine a light on the poor planning and poor public transport outcomes of the CSELR. Alex, John and John only became aware of the project in late 2015, and have offered many solutions to The Baird Government, however unfortunately so far they have refused to meet with us. Many other people have been actively fighting this project ever since its conception, but still the government isn’t listening.

The Main thing is that the government has never told the people of Sydney and Australia that it is impacting over 870 significant and heritage trees, removing 705 trees, and impacting 1408 trees only to compensate by planting 900 small trees along the route and 900 elsewhere.

The only way to stop this project, save our buses and have a parliamentary inquiry is people power – and that’s people like you, taking action. Click here to take action.

To take action

  1. Word Of Mouth – tell as many people as you can what’s really going on
  2. Meet with, call or write to your local councillor or member of parliament and ask them what they are going to do to save our Anzac Memorial Trees and our Buses
  3. Join The Campaign – donate, volunteer or think of other ways that you can make an impact or make a difference.The question we are asking now is “Why is the Baird government wasting over $2.1 billion dollars to reduce public transport into the city by 75% and cutting down priceless and irreplaceable Anzac Memorial Trees?

Stop cutting public transport capacity = = Save our buses  = Save The Trees = Conduct a Parliamentary Inquiry = Come up with a better solution.

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Why should the Baird Government pause work on the Sydney Light Rail Project? 

  1. The CSELR project will reduce public transport capacity by over 9,000 passengers an hour in the am peak hour.
  2. The community were never told about the massive tree destruction for the project, or any of the other details.
  3. The project has 79 intersections with existing roads at the same level –  and the safety report has not been released. Click Here For More Information
  4. The NRMA have forecast to cause massive gridlock and a traffic study has not been released.
  5. For video summary of the main issues, click here.

In addition to this the following groups have called on the government to pause or stop the project:

  • Infrastructure Engineers have called on the government to immediately halt the project due to capacity, grave safety, gridlock and pollution issues. More Info Click Here
  • The Lord Mayor, Clover Moore, has written to the minister requesting that he “Urgently intervene to prevent the further destruction of significant mature Moreton Bay Figs in Moore Park and to conduct an urgent review of tree loss along the light rail route to identify ways in which tree removal can be avoided and further minimised”  More Info Click Here.
  • Randwick Council voted unanimously to send a message to the Premier, requesting that he “Cease all light rail works in areas of any area of environmental or heritage sensitivity and conduct an urgent design review” 
  • Indigenous heritage consultants are demanding an urgent halt to construction of a section of Sydney’s new light rail line, after one of the largest recent discoveries of indigenous artefacts in the city. Find Out More
  • Dr Mehreen Faruqi MP has called for a full parliamentary inquiry  into the project. Find Out More
  • At least 1277 trees and 9.89 hectares of urban tree canopy will be impacted, and the community was never told that so many trees were to be removed and pruned. Full Report Click Here
  • Most negative submissions to the Environmental Infrastructure report were ignored or simply addressed with government marketing. Click Here To Access The Submissions Report – Look at Section 5
  • There appears to be no real benefits to the community, or, if there are they cannot be substantiated with any real facts.
  • We have asked the government, Transport for NSW, and ALTRAC (Lend Lease/Capella Capital, ALSTOM, ACCIONA, and TRANSDEV) if they can let us know if there are any benefits to the community and they still haven’t got back to us!
  • Some of the alleged key supporters, and possible beneficiaries of the light rail can be found here.


Anzac Parade reduced from six lanes to two from Alison Road to Kingsford. This will cause massive gridlock and pollution. The Majority of all parking will be gone from Kingsford to Kensington and High St Randwick. Anzac Parade will be further choked due to the new 1 metre bicycle rule, as there are no bike lanes the length of the corridor. Anzac Parade will be reduced by up to 4 lanes in parts.

In the below diagram, you can see the UNSW stop, which will only be able to cater for 450 people every 8 minutes on light rail in peak times – including general public, and as you can see there is inadequate space for buses to cope with the ever growing student population. To get an idea of the current volume of students, just go down to the UNSW in the morning or afternoon peak. Or to Central Station Eddy Avenue in the am peak.

Anzac Parade 2 lanes
Anzac Parade – UNSW – 2 lanes either direction – all parking – gone.

The Sydney Light Rail Action Group will continue to:

1) Shine a light on the tree destruction, safety, gridlock and pollution concerns and the negative public transport outcomes that this project will cause.

2) To actively demonstrate and protest against the project in a peaceful, legal and safe way, with an objective to work with the police and light rail construction workers, as we are condemning the actions of all who approved this project, not the workers. We continue to campaign for the government and ALTRAC to enter into an ongoing dialogue about the tree destruction in order that we can protest legally against the tree destruction.

3)To hold fun, loving peaceful events, picnics and soiree’s across the beautiful parks of Sydney to celebrate the trees that we have left.

The Sydney Light Rail Action groups is one of many groups that have responded on behalf of the community to save our trees. We are all working together to pause the project, save the trees and come up with a better solution. Some of the other groups are:

Keep Sydney Beautiful

 The Total Environment Centre

 Keeping Randwick’s Trees 

On Valentine’s Day – this culminated in the first big rally featuring HG Nelson and other luminaries….The vast majority of Sydney Light Rail Action Group are also members of Saving Sydney’s Trees and we continue to strive to unite in our common goals, and to support the overall goal of Saving Sydney’s Trees to campaign for a full parliamentary enquiry.

A4 Tree Rally Poster

“In our day, there is a growing awareness that world peace is threatened not only by the arms race, regional conflicts and continued injustices among peoples and nations, but also by a lack of due respect for nature, by the plundering of natural resources and by a progressive decline of the quality of life. The sense of precariousness and insecurity that such a situation engenders is a seedbed for collective selfishness, disregard for others and dishonesty.”  Pope John Paul II  World Peace Day 1/1/1990