Save Our Trees = Australians All Let Us Unite

Australians all let us unite to save our trees.

 Saving our trees goes beyond politics, religion and beliefs. People of all faiths and beliefs through history have realised the need to look after our natural world. Our very lives depend upon it.

The last 4 Roman Catholic Popes have all spoken of it. Read More = Papal Speeches on Environment

Malcolm Turnbull has spoken of the need to preserve our precious urban parkland. Read More.

Despite our differences, many people agree there is a need to create more beauty, less waste and less pollution. It is never to late to start creating a better day today.

We call on all politicians, people of all faiths and beliefs to unite to save the 1347 trees still to be removed or heavily pruned for the CBD and South East Light Rail (CSELR)

During the last school holidays, in the dark of night, 142 trees were removed from our city forever. To see a video of what happened click here. There is nothing to stop our government removing and pruning the remainder of the 1347 trees tonight or this week. No amount of tears or rage or shame will ever bring the trees back. We call on people of power and of influence of all faiths, beliefs and sides of politics to come out today and help us save the trees.

This could be our last chance.

PAUSE the project = SAVE our trees = FIND a Better Solution. If you’d like to get involved please phone John on 0414 755 621 or use the contact form. Here.

There are a number of important events this week.

  1. Press conference Friday 1st April 2016 7:30am-8:30am Cnr Alison Rd and Anzac Parade, Randwick. More info and press release CSELR_TREES.MR
  2. Friday at 5pm David Shoebridge and SST – Alison Road & Doncaster Avenue, Randwick click here

  3. Picnic and Rally Sunday 3rd April, 10am Kippax Lake Click Here



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