When Are They Chopping Down The Trees?

This is the most important question now for everyone involved in saving the trees.

There is only one man who knows the Answer, The Hon. Mr Andrew Constance, MP.

Please keep calling his office 02 8574 5807 all day everyday until they give us the answer. If he won’t provide the answer, please see if anyone else you know can provide the answer. Once we know the answer we can plan peaceful protests if and when our beloved trees are chopped down.

There are 14 massive heritage listed fig trees on Anzac Parade that are scheduled to be removed and they may be removed as early as tonight as the fences are up. There are a further 38 massive heritage listed figs to be pruned. When trees were pruned for the Eastern Distributor in 2003 they all died after the pruning. We also are needing to know when the 38 trees are to be pruned, to what extent and if it will endanger the lives of the trees.

Fig Trees; Avenue of figtrees cut down near the Domain Tunnell.Photo by Peter Rae.pmr.SMH News story by Stephanie PeatlingTuesday 15 July 2003. SPECIAL 11111

Reminder nightly gatherings at Kippax Lake from Sunset to 9pm – to keep an eye on what’s going on, and perhaps share a tale, bring your instruments, and a picnic blanket – tonight meeting at 830pm

Also – daily protests at Alison and Anzac Parade 7:30am-8:30am

2SER NOW http://www.2ser.com/players





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