You Shall Not Pass!

Every morning Anzac and Alison 7:30am-8:30am for the next 3 weeks. Bring Placards and banners, T-Shirts for sale $25 exact money.

Every evening From Sunset to 9pm Kippax Lake – Soiree. Sorry can’t make it tonight.

  • Keep calling Andrew Constance 8574 5807 until he tells us when he’s chopping and pruning our trees!
  • Why he took orange ribbons off trees to be pruned?
  • Why they aren’t they pausing the project despite 2 Engineers Calling for an immediate review of the project for safety, gridlock and pollution concerns?
  • A Unanimous Randwick Council Vote to Pause The Project.
  • A Letter from Clover Moore To save the trees.
  • 20000-50000 indigenous artefacts round in-situ and calls from Aboriginal Land Councils to pause the project, and
  • Massive Country-Wide condemnation for the project impacting 1277 trees and 871 significant or heritage listed trees.

Why Oh Why Oh Why?

You Shall Not Pass! Happy Friday Everyone – its been a great week – and as Goldie says, “Never Give Up, Never Give Up, Never Give Up!”



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