ENDGAME – Vigils and Rally

Less than 36 hours to go before trees scheduled to go – all done by next thursday. its time and name and shame all those who signed on to this project.

You’re invited to come to the vigil tonight and tomorrow. Alison and Anzac Pde.

You’re invited to come to the rally tomorrow in Moore Park West.

Please find attached flyer.Flyer_Mayday_Rally_v4



  1. Hi John,

    Please take this video down for now. We are at a critical time in negotiating and we really need Clover Moores support. Also people in RCC have also been working really hard over the past few weeks to influence the Govt. Please Please take this down it is really important that we have support or the trees are doomed. This video could make them walk away from us. I would hate us to blow the last chance the trees may have.

    On Sat, Apr 30, 2016 at 7:45 PM, Sydney Light Rail Action Group wrote:

    > sydneylightrailactiongroup posted: “Less than 36 hours to go before trees > scheduled to go – all done by next thursday. its time and name and shame > all those who signed on to this project. You’re invited to come to the > vigil tonight and tomorrow. Alison and Anzac Pde. You’re invited to com” >


    1. Thanks Sharon,

      Unfortunately not even the shock value of this video was enough to stop those bloody thugs. I have agreed with all and sundry not to personally come out and attack Clover Moore, but I continue to call on all of those who approved this project, and have known about the full extent of the tree destruction for the past 2-5 years and have done nothing about it.

      The community was never informed of the full extent of the full destruction and any one of these people, particularly with their far-reaching fan base and support group could have chosen at any time to let people fully know of the full extent of the destruction.

      Many of them still say that they believe in light rail. I have been hoping perhaps naively that they may actually come around and not allow the trees to be killed. i have been naively hoping that they would come around and say that our light rail does not meet with American and European Light Rail Standards. Allegedly Australia has none.

      We have been polite, signed petitions, asked for meetings, begged, pleaded with them not to do this, but all they ever do is answer with spin – from Bruce Notely-Smith to Baird, Constance and all the rest.

      We will not stand for it any more. This project will be stopped within the week. If we ‘need’ certain people, those ‘certain people’ need to put their money where there mouth is and come out and stand with you and i and Maria and all of us wailing and sobbing and screaming in the dark at 3am in the morning.

      I will continue to wonder if they say they are saving the trees, then why aren’t they there linking arms in solidarity with us when the crunch time comes.

      If it is perceived in the community that I am ‘dividing the cause’ and ‘turning people away’ then that is a risk I am willing to take. I may be a ‘loose cannon’ and not ‘playing the game’ the way it should be played. But I have never wavered from my determination since October last year.

      To expose the extremely poor planning of this project; namely massive tree destruction, safety, pollution, gridlock and parking concerns, and requiring the government to pause the project, save the trees and redesign it. As I have come to understand the project more over time, I see that it is completely flawed from go to woe and the only people that will benefit are the allegedly unscrupulous property developers (in contrast to the property developers over time who have truly developed this city into one of the best cities in the world)

      Poor planning is what is being questioned here, and it is time for the government to go back to the drawing board. I appears that they are not willing to admit they have made a mistake in this instance, and so the only thing that will get this insanity to stop is massive people power.

      The community has been divided and conquered to this point.

      But I have yet to meet someone who actually truly believes that light rail is good in this instance. Dulwich Hill is mostly OK as it is in a separate corridor, but this project is not. Electric Buses, and the underground Eastern Suburbs Railway are the preferred solutions here, according to most of the people that I meet.

      We are currently trying to “Manhattanise’ Sydney, but without a proper underground/subway system, and it just won’t work.

      Considering the light rail will be reducing public transport by nearly 70% and private transport capacity by 33%+, then Randwick LGA needs to be ‘dezoned’ not ‘rezoned’ and people need to be forced to leave! so that the LGA will be able to cope with the devastation caused by this insane project.

      Enough is enough. I apologise if I am not ‘on message’ or ‘dividing the community’ or misrepresenting something, but this project will, must and needs to be terminated within the week.

      At the very least it is “UnAustralian”

      There – I have said it!


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