cropped-sydney-light-rail-action-gp_c1_web-copy2.jpgPlease Share attached media release – people have been arrested and no reason has been given apparently! Please share and please come down – even a large groundswell of bystanders is what will get the media coverage – please help!


 Corner Of Martin and Robertson Road Anzac Parade.

 People have just been arrested trying to protect 150 year old trees from being chainsawed down by Baird Government, apparently for no reason!

The Sydney Light Rail Action group and other groups who are Saving Sydney Trees, are calling out for people to come down and show solidarity or just to observe the abhorrent destruction of the Anzac Parade Boulevarde.

John Bellamy from the Sydney light Rail Action Group said. “Please come down here NOW to save the trees. In 1983 Bob Hawke said bosses shouldn’t get angry at people taking the day off work to celebrate the Australia II victory.

In 2016, bosses shouldn’t get angry at people that want to take the day off to save the trees. We are desperate. Non violent direct action is required now. Please help us!”

please call John Bellamy 0414 755 621 or go to for further info.

John Bellamy

0414 755 621

Please share this video widely!


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