Mother Of Two Arrested: Light Rail Protest

Sydney Light Rail Action Gp_C1.jpgMEDIA RELEASE – IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Mother of two Arrested By Police: Light Rail Protests Continue.

Tuesday 3rd May, 2016

Sydney is waking up today to the potential loss of more Heritage Listed trees on Anzac Parade for the Sydney Light Rail Project. Last night, a local schoolteacher and mother of two young children was arrested by police for trying to save a century old Moreton Bay Fig Tree on the corner of Anzac Parade and Alison Road, Moore Park.

Hundreds of protesters had gathered throughout the day and were then forcibly removed by police. Many of the protesters were women, children and the elderly. As police removed the protesters, the crowd began to chant “Sack Mike Baird! Sack Mike Baird! Sack Mike Baird!”

The protesters have vowed to continue the fight as more than 1000 trees are to be impacted by the light rail project from Circular Quay to Kingsford and Randwick.

“We are very tired, but these trees are being chopped down right now today,” said John Bellamy of the Sydney Light Rail Action Group. “We are calling on people to come down right now, today, to support us. This insanity must be stopped and we are calling on the prime minister to step in and stop the chainsaws, while other options are looked at. The light rail will go down the middle of Anzac Parade from Alison Road to Kingsford, and we don’t understand why it can’t run down the middle of the rest of Anzac Parade and save these historic figs from being fully or partially destroyed.”

The project was classified as Critical State Significant Infrastructure (SSI) by the government and it is believed that this overrides state and national heritage and significant tree listing, and other local council rules and regulations.

Please call John Bellamy 0414 755 621 or email or go to for further info.

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