Open Letter to Bruce Notely-Smith and Murray Matson

Dear Mr Notely-Smith,

We call on your to publicly correct your statement made to the Southern Courier in the attached article.

You mentioned in this attached Daily Telegraph article that in terms of saving the trees “The only alternative proposal that was presented to me or the government was for an elevated tramway.”

You know full well that the government was presented with a plan to save all the trees on the 13th January 2016, however the transport minister declined to meet with me to discuss the plan. A copy of this letter was sent to your office on the 15th January, and is attached below to aid your memory.

When Mr Alex Kleytman and myself met with you on the 18th March, to discuss his plan to save the trees, save the light rail and save the city from gridlock, you said that you would get us a meeting with the minister and get back to us with a response to the elevated tramway plan. You then said that the minister was busy for 3 months and one of his staffers would get back to us with a meeting time.

We are still waiting for your office to respond. “We’ll get back to you when we have an answer.” said Mr Mitchell Price, of your office, said when we questioned when you would respond.

You also said in that same meeting you would get back to us to dispute our assumption that existing buses are better than light rail, with the facts – we are still waiting for this too.

We call on you to now publicly correct your statement made to the southern courier.

I also look forward to publicly debating the light rail facts and figures with you and Murray Matson whenever you are ready, to prove to the community once and for all if what we are getting is better than what we have!

Cr Matson, I have CC’d you in this email as I noticed that you are proposing a motion that “I ask that council urgently propose to TfNSW an eastward realignment of the CSELR light rail lines near the intersection of Wansey Rd and High St from the southern side of Wansey Rd into the actual carriageway of Wansey Rd itself for a length sufficent to allow for the retention of the conjoined fig trees known as the Tree of Knowledge,” Cr Matson said.

I would ask if Mr Matson has consulted an engineer to see if this is actually possible? Do you actually have plans to show your proposal? I have attached the map below – please note that the top of the map , I believe, is east. Tree Of Knowledge is Tree Number 178 (TN 178)

Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 20.51.58.png

I would remind Mr Matson and Mr D’Souza that Mr Kleytman sent yet another plan to save not only tree number 178 (Tree Of Knowledge) but also High St traffic, and having the tram terminate before the tree, but unfortunately Mr D’Souza also declined to meet Mr Kleytman.

Look forward to hearing from you Mr Notely-Smith, Matson and D’Souza at your earliest convenience.

yours sincerely


1a_Ministerial Meeting Request CSELR_p4

1a_Ministerial Meeting Request  CSELR_p11a_Ministerial Meeting Request  CSELR_p21a_Ministerial Meeting Request  CSELR_p31a_Ministerial Meeting Request  CSELR copy


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