Thank God For Elizabeth Farrelly

Sydney Light Rail Action Group

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 9.52.42Fearless journalists of the world unite – we need you! The environment needs you. At this time in history, humanity has a choice. To continue to destroy the planet, or to see if we can try to recreate paradise right here on earth.

And it all starts right now, with this light rail project.

We have a choice, right now, to continue to destroy our city for a light rail that is slower, less frequent, less capacity and more dangerous than our existing buses, or we can choose to stop the project, and build a faster, more frequent, higher capacity and safer Eastern Suburbs Railway – a project that is already designed and ready to go.

The choice is ours. I know which one I vote for. Which one do you want?

Please read Elizabeth Farrelly’s brilliant article that encapsulates the whole situation eloquently and helps shine the light on…

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