Keep Sydney Beautiful

The trailer for Randall Wood’s documentary has had more than 50,000 views globally. There are so many people like you who really do care about the beauty of our natural and built environment. We often feel powerless to do anything, but when we come together with a common goal of quite literally saving the environment in which we live, this has a power beyond words.

In 2014, former transport minister, Gladys Berejiklian signed off on a light rail project that was to gridlock Sydney, clear-fell 760 urban trees, prune hundreds of others including many Moreton Bay Fig Trees dedicated to our country’s war dead, in 1917. 100 years ago, next year.

In 2019, when this light rail opens, it will transport less people than our current buses, it will have taken away 2 lanes from our busy arterial road, Anzac Parade, and it will have to go through 79 intersections at the same level as cross streets, with little protective fencing. This will be incredibly dangerous, or really slow.

We are calling on the government to stop the project. Stop the tree destruction and come up with a better solution to help Keep Sydney Beautiful.

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What else can you do? Take Action

Or Simply Phone Mike Baird on +61 2 8574 5000 and tell him to stop destroying our city and state. Every phone call counts.

Call Andrew Constance +61 2 8574 5807 and tell him to stop the project and come up with a better solution.

Download your own copy of the film trailer and post on your own site.

TREE RALLY from Randall Wood on Vimeo.


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