Our Beautiful Alison Rd Trees all gone tomorrow

Here Today Gone TomorrowPhoto: Nicole Dade

Dear Friends,

We have been advised by the light rail people that all the trees to be removed from Alison Rd will be removed by the end of tomorrow.

For me, its important that we mark this by being present at the site tomorrow to show that we still care, we are still and always will fight against this private acquisition of our public land.

Please come down if you feel like it, to say goodbye to the last of these beautiful trees. I’ll try to be there 730-9am, 12-2pm and then again from 6pm-8pm, but feel free to go down anytime. Near Corner Alison Rd and John St Randwick.

Bring instruments, banners, flyers, placards, meditate, sing, cry, scream, rage, but just be present. Randall may come down to do some filming in the morning.

Tomorrow night is also a very important meeting at Randwick Council to vote to save the tree of knowledge. (From 6pm)

And don’t forget to get your tricky questions ready for the light rail forum Thursday Night!



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