Peaceful Protest Alison Rd Today

Dear Everyone,

There are trees being chopped down today on Alison Road near the corner of John St. Its really important that we remain visible to show that we are unhappy about what’s going on.

Bring your banners, placards, video cameras and iPhones. We need to show the world, that our community is not happy about this ongoing tragedy and there are still options.

If the government stopped all work today on the project and bought 120 electric buses, all of the remaining trees would be saved, no more traffic gridlock would have to happen, and George St could still be a beautiful peaceful pedestrian boulevarde.

Although it is painful, we cannot let these majestic trees go without at least marking the event. So I will put out a daily notice of when and where the trees are being chopped down and if you can go down, please do so. Let me know if you see any trees being chopped down or pruned.

Unfortunately I can’t make it down today, but perhaps if we have a presence there from 12pm-2pm and again from 6pm-8pm, or anytime you can come down. One emotional video to facebook can do the world of good.

Please be sure to protest safely across the road, and follow all instructions of workers and police. If you need to contact Maroubra police for any advice or assistance, their number is 9349 9299.

Please continue to share the video – 70,000 people have watched it now globally.

TREE RALLY from Randall Wood on Vimeo.




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