You’re Invited! Sydney Light Rail Information Forum

You’re invited to the Sydney Light Rail Action Group information forum:

DATE: Thursday, 30th June, 2016
TIME: 6:30pm
PLACE: The Randwick Club: 135 Alison Rd, Randwick. (Free Event)

Please Click Here To Register 

We are campaigning to Save Our Buses, Stop The Light Rail, and to call for a Parliamentary InquirySupport Mehreen Faruqi’s call for a parliamentary inquiry by clicking here. Hopefully this will get up this week!


Volunteers still needed to help door-knock businesses, leaflet and hand out flyers for the forum at bus stops in morning peak. I can get flyers and posters to you. Call John 0414 755 621


And please, keep talking to everyone you know; “Did you know that Transport for NSW have revealed that the Light Rail will cut public transport capacity into the city by over 9,000 passengers an hour in the am peak?” Angry? Please join our campaign, come to the forum on June 30th and talk to your MP. To take action please click here:

Feel free to forward this on and please let me know if you have any questions ph 0414 755 621! Let’s do this! Poster and DL flyer attached. Download High Quality PDF’s for you to print at home.

We have asked the government if they can tell us if there is anything good about the light rail, but we still haven’t heard anything! So we are asking them to stop and OR demonstrate why they should keep going!



    1. HI Peter,

      Thanks so much for your comment and interest in our website. We really care about facts on this website. The justification for the light rail was based on stopping 220 buses from entering the CBD in the morning peak. See all the references in the library section of the Sydney Light Rail website.

      This is 180 buses from the south east and 40 buses from George st and elsewhere. We do constant recounts of the citybound buses in the morning peak hour and we’d encourage you to go and do your own count to prove for yourself the current capacity of buses in peak hour (8am-9am) We measure at Anzac Parade and Lang Road. There was an audit done on 4th August 2014, which showed that the capacity of the 20 bus routes to be eliminated for the light rail was 17,010.

      Please let us know your count, with the timetable and trip view or live transport app screenshots for verification.

      If you have any official Transport for NSW, ALTRAC or government information that contradicts this, please let us know and we will update the site. Despite asking for the last 2-5 years, the government have not provided a business case, cost/benefit analysis for the light rail compared to current buses, traffic modelling, number and capacity of buses that will no longer enter the city in the morning peak and their crush capacity and current patronage, and the number of trams that will replace them, their crush capacity, expected patronage, journey times, current patronage of the inner west light rail in peak, exact number of ANZAC Parade trees and animals that have already been killed and will be killed for the project, including pruning, root chopping and how likely trees are to die.

      Indeed, we have constantly asked, and, continue to ask, are there ANY benefits to the light rail project, and no answer has been forthcoming.

      The 16,000 passengers on 220 buses, was a figure provided by transport for NSW in a correction to a newspaper article which incorrectly aidentified the current capacity of the current buses as 20,000.

      Transport for NSW have constantly said all of this information is incorrect, but have refused to provided any of the above information.

      PLEASE let us know if you can find it! As soon as we can, we will be able to instantly stop the light rail project, save $3 Billion for NSW and use electric buses instead.

      thanks again. Please call anytime to chat 02 8958 3783


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