Dear Ms Berejiklian “Best treasurer”

COPY OF LETTER TO The Hon. Gladys Berejiklian

ph 02 8574 5207

Cr Scott Nash

ph 0419 432 930

Dear Ms Berejiklian and Mr Nash,

You both signed the agreements for the CBD and South East Light Rail project. The government and your senior PR team at Transport for NSW cannot provide any benefits of the Light Rail.

Can you justify spending over $2.1 billion taxpayer money on light rail that is less capacity per am peak hour, slower, less frequent, less safe, less convenient, more congesting, less wheelchair space per hour and worst of all, impacts 871 significant/heritage trees? None of these facts have been disputed by your government: Read More. If anything wrong with these facts, please let me know.

Watch this video

In this video, Mike Baird claims that you are the country’s best treasurer. If this is the case, will you release the cost/benefit analysis of the CSELR, or if not, will you stop the project?

The Kingsford Gateway tree is to be destroyed tonight. Randwick Council voted last night for a moratorium on tree destruction pending community consultation.

You have till close of business today to stop the destruction of the trees. Its all up to you treasurer.


John Bellamy

0414 755 621


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