Promises On New Trains Are Full Of Problems.

“The South East Light Rail will be worst of all, with 74 percent of passengers of 450 passengers on each tram forced to stand in a crush” (4 passengers per square metre)

This means not even enough room to look at your iphone, and how will it be on a hot summer day with that person next to you hasn’t showered, used deodorant, brushed their teeth, they have halitosis, and has just had a big meal of kimchi, curry and tuna and onion roll!

See this, a letter in the Daily Telegraph from Peter Egan of Transport Publishing, below on the worrying forecast of crowding on public transport.

Promises on new trans are full of problems - Daily Telegraph letter Peter Egan 2 Sept 2016.png

Why are we making our lives so much more uncomfortable? Who is behind this? How to start a win win dialogue with government and planning to return our city to reaching a better liveability status?

Andrew Constance this week, in the budget estimates committee inquisition, seemed to be genuinely surprised and angry that people would protest against the destruction of our Anzac Memorial Trees on our first war memorial, the impact to 1277 trees, 871 significant and heritage listed trees and the clear-felling of trees at circular quay, george st, eddy av, chalmers, devonshire, anzac parade, killing, lopping and root pruning of all trees along the busway south of tibby cotter bridge, alison rd and high st.

Why are you surprised Andrew Constance and and Peter Phelps? If you really do hate trees that much, and I don’t think you do – you said you hate killing trees or words to that effect – but leave ours alone.

For those of you who do genuinely hate trees, greenies and nimby’s etc. there are plenty of places in the world with no trees, and masses of high rise, traffic jams and packed trains that you can go and live, but why destroy our paradise?

Come on Sydney!


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