Auditor General Agrees: #LightRailFail

The Auditor General Has Released a report what we have been saying all along. The planning and procuring of the light rail was a big Fail with a capital F!

You can download a free copy of the report here:


However, it looks like the project will still be going ahead, despite the government not being able to provide any benefits to the project that it could back up by any facts.

We are calling on the government to stop the tree killing until other options are looked at before the full cost/benefit analysis, business case and traffic modelling analysis has been released.

What can we do? Call Baird 02 8574 5000 and ask if he can justify with any facts why we should continue to build a $2.2 billion infrastructure that will cut 2000 buses per day, and cut public transport capacity by 75%, kill and mutilate 1,500 Sydney Shade Trees, and create massive pollution and congestion. How can we justify continuing to build a $2.2 billion infrastructure project for which there are no actual benefits, that can be proven with any facts? (Even the property investors will lose!)


What can we do? Get the conversation going. How can we get a Green Ban On This Project? Can you list any benefits? How can we justify wasting $2.2 billion on a project for which there are no benefits?


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