Major Concerns on Light Rail: ELTON CONSULTING.


The Following Is Our Belief Only Without Prejudice

Dear Sir/Madam,

We are wondering if you can tell us where we can find the traffic modelling and analysis for the rezoning of the Randwick Local Government Area? We are also wondering if you are all still all 100% behind the CBD and South East Light Rail Project despite all the negative headlines? The headlines are included below for your reference. Do you also know where we can find the traffic modelling for the Westconnex, and how that will impact the Randwick Local Government Area Traffic Congestion?

The Sydney City Centre Access Strategy of 2013 which ELTON CONSULTING helped prepare, quite clearly states that the CBD and South East Light Rail will provide 220 fewer buses entering the city centre between 8am and 9am which is a capacity of 16,000 passengers an hour as per Transport for NSW. These buses will be replaced with 15 trams with a capacity of only 4,000 passengers an hour or a reduction in transport capacity into the city of 75%. (Unless you can prove otherwise with solid facts. It is feared that this will be much less now the journey times are to be extended.)

ELTON CONSULTING market research also discovered that the following things are most important to customers: Time, Reliability, Efficient Travel, Reassurance, and Comfort. The CBD and South East Light Rail appears to be a complete failure on all of these things.

The journey times will be much, much longer.  It will be unreliable due to no signal priority, and length of trains, it will be inefficient, not reassuring due to the lack of safety measures and will also be uncomfortable. In fact, we challenge you to name one single benefit of the project that you can substantiate with any facts. Not even property investors will benefit as the banks are already blacklisting the urban ghetto suburbs that are being created in Sydney, in particular around the Randwick Local Government Area.

Are you able to provide us with the current planned average journey times for the light rail?

There are about to be thousands of Sydney Shade Trees clear-felled, killed and maimed across Sydney, Australia, These Christmas Holidays, even ones right near the Sydney Opera House at Circular Quay. We would like you to respond to this email by Friday at the latest, as we believe that the information that you will provide will mean that the tree killing and mutilation may have a chance of being postponed pending a full and thorough investigation into this project, until it can be proved beyond reasonable doubt that there is any benefit at all for the people of Sydney to the CBD and South East Light Rail project. Our analysts believe that your analysts believe that it may be more economical for Sydney to break the contracts and restore the city transport to “Business As Usual.” But perhaps you may have a better win win solution for everyone? If so, let us know.

To be clear, could you please respond with the following information by close of business Friday 16th December 2016 at the latest.

1) Confirm the 75% cut to public transport entering the city between 8am and 9am due to changes from the light rail. If not provide hard data.

2) Confirm the current planned journey times for the light rail from Kingsford and Randwick to Circular Quay between 8am and 9am weekdays.

3) Provide the traffic modelling or analysis of that modelling for the CBD and South East Light Rail and Westconnex, including the recent rezoning of the Randwick Local Government Area.

Look forward to hearing from you. Please contact me at any time on 0414 755 621 should you need any further information

best regards,

John Bellamy

Is it worth continuing to waste $2.2 billion taxpayer money to kill and maim over 1500 Sydney Shade Trees, cut public transport capacity by over 75%, and increase economic and environmental congestion and pollution, and for which there are no proven benefits?

Excerpts From the ELTON CONSULTING Website and the CBD access Strategy below.

John Bellamy

0414 755 621


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