Sydney Light Rail Fails.

Happy New Year fellow environmentalists!

Now that The State Auditor General has come out and vindicated everything that the Sydney Light Rail Action Group has been saying for the past five years, we are still very confident that the CBD and South East Light Rail project will implode with the fullness of time. There are still thousands of trees and buses to save! Even the Murdoch Press is slamming the government now!

Thankyou so much to Max and Joseph a couple of fantastic young architects who made this brilliant video highlighting the problems of the light rail by comparing a trip on a bus compared to light rail from Dulwich Hill to Central. Even in traffic the bus wins hands down.

Believe it or not, despite so much destruction to our beloved Sydney, there are still at least another 2 years of destruction to go – pretty absurd for a $2.2 billion 12 kilometre tram, for which there are no proven benefits…for anyone…especially the property investors and developers, as banks continue to blacklist areas of future areas of urban ghettos.

The Campaign for Electric Buses and Proper Integrated Underground Rail Continues. To develop Singapore or Hong Kong style density, you need to install proper underground rail first, or you end up with Urban Ghettos like Paris got in the 1980’s.

Baird / Turnbull + Turnbull / Abbott Dream for Sydney 2019

Screen Shot 2017-01-03 at 19.34.01.png

Ghetto.jpgGhetto 2.jpgghetto 3.jpg



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