Sydney Light Rail – Track-Free Trams?

Well, almost exactly a year and a half since we took a proposal of Electric Buses to the minister for Transport, they have now come up with the miraculous idea of a “Track-Free Tram.” If only we’d known how to brand it properly, we may have saved hundreds of trees!

But, seriously, track-free, wire-free, trams, buses whatever you want to call them, are still an option to save our trees, save our city from gridlock and congestion, save Billions of Dollars, and restore some liveability to Sydney. Even better, we can still look at the Underground Heavy Rail solution of finishing the Eastern Suburbs Railway.

Join The Campaign To Save The Trees, Save $1 billion and put the light rail underground!

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  1. If you think track-free trams will help solve congestion, then bear in mind real trams carry three times as many people and you have never conceded they will help solve congestion. In fact, capacity restraints is something you keep banging on about… So… Track free trams as a congestion solver? Not likely. Not by your own standards, John.

    All they need to do with LRT is run more carriages. Rather than one every two minutes, what about one every minute? 60x450ppt = 27,000 people per hour, one way… One every two minutes? 30x450ppt = 13,500 people per hour, one way.

    60xGuided Electric Transport Service (GETS) per hour? 60x150ppb = 9,000 people. That’s a fleet of 60 GETS vehicles, $60million minimum to move 9,000 per hour… Or a fleet of 30 moving 4,500 people each hour…

    There’s no comparison for capacity when it comes to LRT.

    Nathan English
    Co-Convener EcoTransit Sydney


    1. Hi Nath, great story on Background Briefing on the Westconnex. Did you hear the one on Moore Park?

      As you would know, from the Eco Transit video, 4 passengers per square metre in standing room, or 450 passengers per tram is not achievable, its more like 1.5 passengers per square metre, or 240 passengers per tram. So even if you could run one tram per minute, this only leaves you 14,400 passengers per hour.

      On August 14th, 2014 the 20 bus routes to be removed as per the Environmental Impact Statement had a capacity of 17,000. This is supported by the Transport for NSW two corrections to the Elizabeth Farrelly article.

      I prefer travelling on trams than buses, and was just in Melbourne enjoying them, but, comparing them to buses, buses simply carry more people per hour, simply because they are flexible, if you disagree with any of the facts on the website, please provide official transport for NSW facts, and we will be happy to change any of the information.

      All we want is a win win solution.


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