Premier Gladys Berejiklian boosts Department of Premier and Cabinet boss Tim Reardon’s pay to almost $700k

Premier Gladys Berejiklian hand-picked her head public servant. Picture: Jonathan NgPremier Gladys Berejiklian hand-picked her head public servant. Picture: Jonathan Ng

GLADYS Berejiklian’s hand-picked public service boss will receive a pay packet of up to $687,000 when he starts in the job today — but only after the Premier sought a special ruling for his pay increase.


The remuneration tribunal has approved a “personal” salary package for new Department of Premier and Cabinet boss Tim Reardon — delivering him a significant boost from his current $580,000 ­salary package as Transport Secretary. The new salary is the same as that earned by former DPC boss and Mike Baird appointee Blair Comley, who was moved on from the job nine days ago.

Tim Reardon was previously Secretary of Transport for NSW. Picture: Jonathan Ng

However, the Premier (pictured) needed to seek the special ruling from the independent remuneration tribunal because the pay is well above the recommended bracket.

The remuneration tribunal ruling states that the package is “personal” for Mr Reardon and not tied to future appointments to the job.

The standard base pay for a top secretary in the NSW public service is $463,551-$535,550.

“The premier has advised that it is appropriate that Mr Reardon receive a total remuneration package including the discretionary performance component to that received by other secretaries employed under the same conditions,” the tribunal ruling states.



Premier Gladys Berejiklian sought a special ruling to give the new public service boss a pay increase. Picture: Jonathan Ng

The package consists of a $613,750 base salary with an ability to earn an additional 12 per cent, taking the package to almost $690,000.

Former Premier Mike Baird sought a special salary for Mr Comley from the remuneration tribunal in 2014 when he was hired.

Then it was a package of up to $638,000. As of August, five secretaries had special dispensation to earn a base salary above the recommended level.

Secretary of NSW Treasury Michael Pratt earns a base of $577,850, Secretary of Education Mark Scott earns a base of $574,000, and Secretary of Family and Community Services Michael Coutts-Trotter earns a base of $555,150.

Mr Reardon’s base salary as Transport boss was $520,050.

Each secretary can earn an additional 12 per cent on top of the base.

Shadow Treasurer Ryan Park said the pay packet showed the Premier was “out of touch”.

“The cost of living’s going up while wages remain flat but the Premier thinks it’s OK to sign off on huge salary increases and inflated remuneration for executives,” he said.

The top public servants significantly out-earn the Premier, who is paid $387,600 plus an electoral allowance.

The Prime Minister also earns less, at $527,854 and the chief justice of the high court earns $584,511.

Mr Reardon’s federal counterpart, the secretary of Prime Minister and Cabinet earns $878,000.



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