Light Rail More Secret Documents Released – More Capacity Confusion


The main reason for the light rail was to relieve congestion and get 220 buses out of the city. But then it was 180. But today, the premier has said “you know what, having a modern light rail down George St in Sydney, beats 200 buses any day of the week.”

But, does it?

200 buses = 14,600 passengers per hour

15 trams = 6,750 passengers per hour

That’s 7,850 less per hour!

Who’s doing the maths?

There is so much misinformation out there, when will the truth be finally revealed.

A leaked document is causing more headaches for the state government over the festering sore that’s become Sydney’s troubled light rail project. “We are so confident that this project is going to be absolutely amazing for the people of NSW, the people of Sydney”

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