Nick Greiner advised against light rail for Sydney

The NSW State Infrastructure body, Infrastructure NSW, with Nick Greiner as Chair, specifically advised against Light Rail for Sydney, as the following document shows:

State Infrastructure Report 2011 (Extract)

How clear and true the words of this report ring true 7 years later:

“Sydney’s CBD is extremely congested. Solutions that work in low density CBDs such as Dublin or Amsterdam are unlikely to work here. Delivering light rail to Sydney’s CBD is not impossible, but as other cities have learned to their cost, an ill-considered light rail plan can lead to years of disruption and financial disaster, for example:

  • 2008 the City of Edinburgh began construction of light rail, with a target completion date of early 2011. The latest completion date is now forecast for 2014, with project costs, at over $1 billion, at three times the original estimate
  • Jerusalem started construction of light rail in 2002. With repeated delays and a doubling of costs to US$1 billion, it took nine years before it became fully operative in December 2011.”

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