Freedom of Information

This page details the ongoing freedom of information request in relation to trying to obtain the projected journey time and capacity of the CBD and South East Light Rail.

We have been asking Transport for NSW for this information since the project contracts were signed in 2014. To date they have refused to provide this information.

In December 2016 a formal freedom of information request was lodged with the Information and privacy department of Transport for NSW. The initial request was:

  1. Information revealing:

    a. The licensed and forecast average operational loadings for the light rail vehicles in the morning peak hour from 8am-9am on the CSELR

    b. The number of buses to be replaced by the light rail vehicles in the morning peak hour from 8am-9am

    c. The licensed and average operational capacities of those buses

  1. Documents revealing the details of any traffic modelling undertaken for the CSELR project. In this respect I specifically seek information which is not subject to cabinet-in-confidence provisions, which contains any of the following information:

    a. Cost/benefit analysis between light rail and electric buses.

    b. Cost/benefit analysis between light rail and business-as-usual (e.g. our current buses)

    c. Forecast likely average light rail journey time from Kingsford to the City and Randwick to the City

    There is now a tribunal hearing on 21st November 2018 for the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) to require the government to release this information:

    Orders 26 September 2018