Freedom Of Information Request

A freedom of information request was filed with Transport for NSW on 16th December 2016 for journey time and capacity information of the Sydney Light Rail compared to the buses it was to replace, and additional cost/benefit comparison information. Nearly 2 years later, Transport for NSW are still refusing to release all the information.

A tribunal is to be held 21st November 2018 which is the next stage of the process.

Below is a timeline of the history of the freedom of information request, with the documents provided by the various agencies attached.

On 16th December 2016, the following freedom of information request was submitted: “I seek the following:”

1. Information revealing:

a. The licensed and forecast average operational loadings for the light rail vehicles in the morning peak hour from 8am-9am on the CSELR.

b. The number of buses to be replaced by the light rail vehicles in the morning peak hour from 8am-9am

c. The licensed and average operational capacities of those buses

2. Documents revealing the details of any traffic modelling undertaken for the CSELR project. In this respect I specifically seek information which is not subject to cabinet-in-confidence provisions, which contains any of the following information:

a. Cost/benefit analysis between light rail and electric buses.

b. Cost/benefit analysis between light rail and business-as-usual (e.g. our current buses)

c. Forecast likely average light rail journey time from Kingsford to the City and Randwick to the City.

23rd January 2017 – Initial response from Transport for NSW: Appendix_1. TRA-000335 initial response

6th April 2017 – Information and Privacy Commissioner Review2. IPC17 R000080 IA Review Report (1)_24FB6 copy

21st July 2017 – Transport for NSW Internal Review:  3. TRA-000335 Internal Review

12th December 2017 – Second Information and Privacy Commissioner Review4. Review Report Bellamy and TfNSW copy

31st January 2018 – Second Transport for NSW Internal Review5. TRA-000335 – Notice of New Decision – 20180131 copy 2 


14th May 2018 – Third Information and Privacy Commissioner Review6. Review Report under GIPA – IPC18R000065

21st September 2018 – 3rd Transport for NSW – 3rd Internal Review – 10. TRA-000335 Supplementary decision 21 September 2018 copy

Document that apparently contains journey time information. This document has been partially released, but the rest of the document is in dispute.

5a. CSELR End State SCATSIM Modelling Report (GTA) Aug 2016 – REDACTED – PAGES DELETED

In 2016, a freedom of information request was lodged with Transport for NSW (TfNSW) to provide the estimated journey time and the truth of facts about the tram v. bus capacity.  To date, this has not happened, with only marketing spin / misleading information being provided.

Now, a hearing of October 2nd, 2016 has been set by the NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal to compel the transport department to release the information. TfNSW are now wanting the hearing to be put back.

A hearing will be on

Date: Wednesday 21st November 2018
Time: 10:00am
Place: Level 10, John Maddison Tower 86-90 Goulburn St Sydney NSW 2000. (NCAT)

It is open to the public and you are most welcome to attend.

If you know any more information, are able to help, or have any queries, please don’t hesitate to call me on 0414 755 621 or reply to this email