You Shall Not Pass!

The Simpsons – Monorail!

Sydney Light Rail Action Group You Tube Channel

The Death of Tree 147

Safety Fears – Must Watch

Margaret Hope’s Father Was An Anzac – she talks on her feelings

Flythrough Paraody

Requiem For The Trees On Anzac Parade that we have already lost.

The Inconvenient Truth About the Light Rail and the trees

Government, Councils continue to destroy trees on Anzac Parade.

Alex Kleytman on Casualties and Fatalities Risks

Sydney Light Rail Action Group You Tube Channel

13th April 2016 Interview on 2SER about our campaign

City Hub Article – It didn’t have to be this way

Papal Speeches about the need to look after our natural world.World day of peace

Jayne Talking about the actual trees that are going to be woodchipped – its hard to believe!

Secret Documents just placed online regarding Anzac Parade Trees = click here

Background Briefing story = Bridge to nowhere: The plan to give away Moore Park on Sunday Extra: Background Click Here

Cascading Gridlock Throughout Sydney to be caused by Light Rail says engineer.  His concerns are addressed in this letter Major Engineering Flaws In Light Rail-URGENT MEETING REQUEST See how congested the areas already are on Anzac Parade and Alison Road in Peak Hour! Click Here For Live Camera View

This is what happened on Wednesday 9th March 2016. Workers came to destroy a tree that no one had been informed was to be destroyed. 3 Women were in tears as police manhandled them away and their beloved tree was chainsawed down at 3am in the morning…


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