The Facts They Don’t Want You To See.

Pages six to nine of the "resources page" are very hard too find, and also very hard to negotiate. Is there a reason for that? Why would the government make them hard to find? Sydney Light Rail Action Group has uncovered pages six to nine of the 'resources' section, and you can find them all … Continue reading The Facts They Don’t Want You To See.


Trees scheduled for destruction :(

Well friends - some documents just came up online! Looks like they know all the way along exactly what trees they were going to be destroying and they know a long time in advance! This is page 89 from the | Anzac Parade Options Assessment, looks like school holidays in July to me! (not sure if I have interpreted this correctly … Continue reading Trees scheduled for destruction 😦

Shock new claims: Light Rail.

Click on link to download Light Rail Shock New Claims- Final Media Release The controversial south east light rail project that is targeting over 800 significant trees, will also cause major safety and traffic gridlock problems, it was revealed today. "Cutting two lanes of Anzac Parade for the light rail will create permanent traffic jams because … Continue reading Shock new claims: Light Rail.

Sydney Gridlock Caused By Light Rail

Here is a LIVE camera showing Anzac Parade live traffic - have a look at it in peak hour and see how a 67 metre tram crossing Lang Road every 4 minutes will gridlock the city. And here is Alison Road - Anzac Parade will go from 6 lanes into 4 at Alison Road, … Continue reading Sydney Gridlock Caused By Light Rail

Tree Destruction Maps Updated

Thanks to Dave at TEC, full colour aerial photographs clearly showing exactly which trees have already been destroyed, and which ones are to be removed, translocated or "Pruned" (Pruned can mean extensive crown, canopy or root pruning, and the arborist can decide on the day if any tree needs to be permanently removed) See all … Continue reading Tree Destruction Maps Updated

Very Sad News

Sydney Light Rail Action Group

Hi Everyone,

Was just up at Bruce Notely Smith’s office and they told me that all the trees will be gone in a couple of months. So time is certainly of the utmost essence. I’m assuming that they are going to plan an all out attack in the Easter Holidays, but our current quest must be to find out what’s going on this week!

Anyone know? I am heartbroken and distraught 😦

Alison Road copy

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