Tree Destruction Maps Updated

Thanks to Dave at TEC, full colour aerial photographs clearly showing exactly which trees have already been destroyed, and which ones are to be removed, translocated or "Pruned" (Pruned can mean extensive crown, canopy or root pruning, and the arborist can decide on the day if any tree needs to be permanently removed) See all …


Very Sad News

Sydney Light Rail Action Group

Hi Everyone,

Was just up at Bruce Notely Smith’s office and they told me that all the trees will be gone in a couple of months. So time is certainly of the utmost essence. I’m assuming that they are going to plan an all out attack in the Easter Holidays, but our current quest must be to find out what’s going on this week!

Anyone know? I am heartbroken and distraught 😦

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Tree Work To Be Done This Week!

Hi All, Here is the notice just received from the Acciona (The Company doing the Light Rail work) Night works will be taking place in your area from Sunday 6 March to Thursday 17 March 2016 (weather permitting). Works will be carried out at night to minimise disruption to traffic. Work will not be continuous in …