Save Our Anzac Trees

Cancel The Sydney Light Rail Project:

What can you do?

  • Call Premier Gladys Berejiklain 02 8574 5000
  • Call Malcolm Turnbull 02 6277 7700
  • Call NSW Opposition leader 02 9230 2310
  • Call Federal Labor leader 02 6277 4022
  • Call 2GB 131 873
  • call 2UE 13 13 32
  • Call 2SM 13 1269
  • Call ABC (702) 1300 222 702
  • Share This PRESS RELEASE

1. Tibby Cotter to Sydney BoysSave Our Anzac Memorial Trees. 

20 ANZAC Military Memorial Commemorative Trees are to be KILLED, and another 44 may DIE as a result of construction. 

At least  835 SYDNEY shade trees are to be KILLED or removed, and at least another 792 may die as a result of construction. Source.

 Over 870 of these trees to be impacted are HERITAGE listed and highly significant trees. Only 900 small trees will be planted along the route.

The below document is from the Transport for NSW official tree report. Available here.


Trees to be killed for Sydney Light Rail.jpg

154 trees to be killed with “potential” to be translocated. We believe only a small fraction ‘may’ be translocated. Trees to be killed 558. Trees to be killed by the City of Sydney 120. Trees to be killed by the Australian Turf Club 3. Total of 835 trees to be killed.

792 trees to be ‘retained’ (Trees to be ‘pruned’ – may die as a result of construction.)

N.B. ALL trees ‘pruned’ and ‘retained’ for the Cahill expressway died as a result of construction for the Eastern Distributor!

123 Trees are to be killed at the request of the City of Sydney, whose councillors voted unanimously for the light rail, we believe,

“A Third Party Agreement with City of Sydney requires all existing plane trees along George Street to be removed so that they can be replaced with another species. This replacement is not required for construction of the project but instead forms part of City of Sydney’s urban design for the area.”

You can match up the tree numbers below with the tree numbers on the maps, to find out the Anzac Memorial Trees On Anzac Parade, Moore Park that are to be killed, removed, or canopy and/or root pruned:


Any tree can be killed on the day at the discretion of the Arborist.



The Government and Centennial and Moore Park Trust has never come out and told Australians the full extent of the tree destruction. They are still refusing to say when they are removing and pruning trees and to what extent. When trees were pruned on the Cahill Expressway in 2003, they all died. (See Picture)

Fig Trees; Avenue of fig trees cut down near the Domain Tunnel. Photo by Peter Rae. SMH News story by Stephanie Peatling – Tuesday 15 July 2003. SPECIAL 11111

You can see the previous much clearer lopping and killing information from the previous government maps by Urban Tree here.14.Moore Park_Anzac Parade_Tramway Oval_plan_14

You can see the new maps at this link, including the scheduled tree removal schedule which they can update at any time. click here Screen Shot 2016-05-18 at 20.51.58

New misleading maps – no longer showing any trees to be lopped, crown, canopy or root pruned.

Already trees to be retained, or transplanted or just pruned, have been killed, destroyed and woodchipped. Because this project is State Significant Critical Infrastructure, the Transport for NSW or ALTRAC  can change the status and destroy a tree at any time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Kathlene Hennesey’s maps from Saving Sydney’s Trees Click Here SST_Maps-page-009

MAPS FROM THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT CENTRE below, Showing Clearer information of what is going on – note these maps are from January and we have already lost so many trees, BUT there are still SO many to save. Click


Anzac Parade south from Tibby Cotter Bridge – 31 trees removed, 8 to be pruned (may die). 10 trees already gone. 8 more gone as of 18th April1. Tibby Cotter to Sydney Boys

MAP 2 Sydney Girls High School to Lang Road, Moore Park. 27 trees to be removed, 10 to be pruned (may die)2. Sydney Girls High To Lang RoadMAP 3

Lang Rd Past Moore Park Golf and Parklands. 7 Trees to be removed, 15 trees to be pruned (may die)3. Lang Road South Toward AlisonMAP 4

Anzac Parade Robertson Rd to Alison Rd. 31 trees to be removed, 5 to be pruned (may die) 11 already removed along Alison Rd. Note the beautiful trees at Alison and Anzac have already been killed.

What would be the penalty for killing heritage listed trees on a military war memorial boulevarde? 4. Anzac And Alison

This Information is taken from the official maps below.

Anzac Parade South of Tibby Cotter Bridge.1. Tibby Cotter to Sydney Boys CSELRAnzac Parade, Bus Roadway 36 to be removed, 12 to be pruned (may die)2. Sydney Girls High To Lang Road CSELR

Anzac Parade, Lang Rd 12 to be removed, 14 to be pruned – (may die.)3. Lang Road South Toward Alison CSELRAnzac Parade, Robertson Rd 17 to be removed, 13 to be pruned (may die)4. Anzac and Roberston CSELRAnzac Parade and Alison Rd – 26 to be removed, 22 to be pruned (may die)

5. Anzac and Alison CSELRFull colour maps of trees from Moore Park South to Kingsford and Randwick. Click Here 1. Tibby Cotter to Sydney Boys

Maps made available from the Total Environment Centre: Click Here to contact.


Official Government Tree Destruction Maps click here Urban Tree Management. 27.Alison Road_Darley Road_plan_27

Kathlene Hennessy’s Tree Report Of Exactly What Types of trees and how many are to be destroyed click here Summary Report - Final_Tree Data - from Light Rail Project Arborist Report - 8 February 2016-page-001

Keeping Randwick’s Trees Click Here You can write a message to the trees that are being saved, and also to the trees that have gone in the Randwick Area.KRT

Randwick Council Interactive Tree Map  Click Here  (Note: Map is not necessarily accurate, so please check direct with Gigi Lombardi at Randwick Council for a daily update)

Randwick Council’s significant tree register click here

Sydney City Council Tree Page and links click here


Save Our Anzac Trees: 

1) Word of mouth – tell people what’s going on

2) Meet with, call or write to your local member of parliament or councillor.

3) Join The Campaign

Its never too late – where there is life there is hope!

phone John Bellamy 0414 755 621 for more information and enquiries.






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