Secret Light Rail Secret Documents Released

30 November 2018 – Transport for NSW release majority of 2016 Document: End State Sydney Coordinated Adaptive Traffic Simulation Modelling (SCATSIM) Report for the Sydney Light Rail:  1. CSELR End State SCATSIM Modelling Report (GTA) Aug 2016_Redacted For Release_Redacted – updated

(Previously “Commercial In Confidence”)

20 November 2018 – Transport for NSW releases even more information that was previously considered “cabinet in confidence”

2. Strategic Plan – Options Identification Report (Booz&Co) Jan 2012 copy

19 November 2018 – Transport for NSW release documents showing how different methods of capacity are calculated on the Inner West Light Rail. This has not been done and/or has not been published for the Sydney light Rail.

Download Document Here:  Sydney Inner West Light Rail Extension – Patronage and Revenue Forecasts – 29 November 2011

This document Clearly shows the three different methods of calculating capacity on light rail: Crush capacity, Maximum Desired Capacity and Acceptable Operating capacity.

Transport for NSW (TfNSW) are only quoting the crush capacity of the Sydney Light Rail, implying that it will actually carry many more people than it says it will.

Additionally, TfNSW are comparing the crush capacity of Light Rail to the operating capacity of the buses of a ‘standard bus’ is 50 passengers.

Brian Brennan (Managing Director of TRANSDEV – operator of inner west light rail, Sydney Light Rail and Some Sydney Buses, in the Answers to question on notice from the Sydney Light Rail Parliamentary Inquiry, has identified the way Transdev considers “74 passengers would be an average bus capacity”

Download document here: Answers to questions on notice – Transdev Sydney – received 2 November 2018

Brian Brennan also claimed when asked about the travel times in the GTA SCATSIM document released: “I am sure there are some assumptions in there that gives some credence to possible journey times but it is one of many models that have been done.” (Transport for NSW have failed to find any of these other models, to date, or have refused to release the information. All we can do is keep on asking.)

DOWNLOAD: Parliamentary Inquiry – MANY models!

OTHER INFORMATION RELEASED under freedom of information: 

Sydney Light Rail Strategic Plan ITLU – Options Identification Report

Download: 2012 02 24 TfNSW SLR SP Ph2 ITLU Options Identifn Final Report v11 SUBMITTED

NEW DECISION Made with regard to freedom of information request and new documents released.

Information released

  • Correspondence – Standing Advice on Bus Changes
  • Planning and Infrastructure questions on Traffic and Transport (21 March 2014) TfNSW responses (21 March 2014)
  • Sydney CBD Bus and Traffic Paramics Modelling – Traffic Modelling Summary Report – prepared by GTA Consultants (February 2014)
  • SE Corridor Maps

To Download DocumentsTRA-000335 Supplementary decision information for release (1)

NEW DECISION AdviceTRA-000335 Supplementary decision 21 September 2018

The following documents were finally released by Transport for NSW, after two and a half years of questioning, and repeated freedom of information requests:

  • Sydney CBD and South East Light Rail END State SCATSIM (Sydney Co-ordinated Adaptive Transport Simulation) Modelling:

To access the documents click here: 1. CSELR End State SCATSIM Modelling Report (GTA) Aug 2016 – REDACTED – PAGES DELETED

The questions were asked of former Liberal Premier, Mike Baird, current Liberal Premier, Gladys Berejiklian, Transport Minister, Andrew Constance, employees of Transport for NSW, Acciona, and the Altrac consortium (ACCIONA, TRANSDEV, ALSTOM and CAPELLA CAPITAL)

To date, the current forecast estimated journey time and forecast operating capacity have not been answered by any of these people.

Transport for NSW have indicated that they have revealed the following questions, in the documents received.

On 16th December, 2016, the access application under the GIPA Act. (Freedom of Information request was received from Transport for NSW:


Information revealing

a.       The licensed and forecast average operational loadings for the light rail vehicles in the morning peak hour from 8am-9am on the CSELR (CBD and South East Light Rail)

b.      The number of buses to be replaced by the light rail vehicles  in the morning peak hour from 8am-9am.

c.       The licensed and average operational capacities of those buses.

2.       Documents revealing the details of any traffic modelling undertaken for the CSELR project.  In this respect I specifically seek information which is not subject to cabinet-in-confidence provisions, which contains any of the following information:

a.       Cost/benefit analysis between light rail and electric buses

b.      Cost/benefit analysis between light rail and business-as-usual (e.g. our current buses)

c.       Forecast likely average light rail journey time from Kingsford to the City and Randwick to the City.’

If you know any more, please contact John Bellamy email or telephone (02) 8958 3783

Please feel free to distribute to media, politicians, stakeholders, transport and environmental groups.