Tribunal Hearing 21 November 2018.

Wednesday 21 November 2018.

Government / Transport department desperately trying to conceal truth about how long it takes to catch a tram from Kingsford and Randwick to the city, and how many people will actually fit in a tram.

One cabinet in confidence document now released. 2. Strategic Plan – Options Identification Report (Booz&Co) Jan 2012 copy

One commercial in confidence document to be released:

More information to follow next week.

Why the secrecy?

DOWNLOAD MEDIA RELEASE HERE: Sydney Light Rail Hearing 21 November 2018 M.R.

  • How slow will the light rail actually be?
  • How many passengers will really fit in a tram?
  • What are the real costs and benefits of the Sydney Light Rail?
  • How many trees have been killed for the Sydney Light Rail project?

John Bellamy has been trying to find out since 2016. The government are trying incredibly hard to not release this information.

The matter is now set for a NSW Civil and Administrative Tribunal (NCAT) hearing. The public and media are welcome to attend:

Date: 21st November, 2018

Time: 10am

Place: Level 10, John Maddison Tower, 86 Goulburn St, Sydney NSW 2000

Below is a full history of the freedom of information request, and links to the documents that have so far been supplied by Transport for NSW.

Any questions, please contact John Bellamy 0414 755 621 or email

16 December 2016

Applicant (John Bellamy) makes an access application to Transport for NSW (TfNSW) for information relating to, in summary, the traffic modelling for the CBD Light Rail – Initial application

23 January 2017

Determination made by TfNSW (Respondent) to release nothing and refer application to documents on the respondent’s webpage.

24 February 2017

Applicant seeks review by the Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC)

6 April 2017

IPC finds that the respondent should make further searches

Appendix_2. IPC17 R000080 IA Review Report (1)_24FB6

21 July 2017

Respondent (Transport for NSW) identifies 9 documents, 6 of which are cabinet in confidence. However access is refused to all information.

Appendix_3_TRA-000335 Internal Review

31 July 2017

Applicant seeks review of second decision by the IPC

12 December 2017

IPC find second decision by TfNSW not justified and requests review.

Appendix_4_Review Report Bellamy and TfNSW

31 January 2018

Respondents releases 157 pages of 758 page Sydney Co-ordinated Adaptive Traffic Simulation (SCATSIM) report, finds another document out of scope, another publicly available, and 6 documents which are all said to be Cabinet in confidence

Appendix_5. TRA-000335 – Notice of New Decision – 20180131

31 January 2018

Applicant requests further review by IPC

14 May 2018

IPC finds the TfNSW decision to be justified and declines to make a recommendation.

NCAT Case History:

19 June 2018 Applicant files for an external review by NCAT1. Original NCAT Application
24 July 2018 Case conference. (Audio available) NCAT grants extension of time and sets submission and hearing date of 2 October 2018.
7 September 2018 NCAT orders that matter be listed for directions hearing on 25 September 2018
21 September 2018 Transport for NSW makes new decision and releases more information.16.c_tra-000335-supplementary-decision-21-september-201816.d TRA-000335 Supplementary decision information for release (1) copy
25 September 2018 NCAT directions hearing. (Audio available) NCAT makes orders to vacate hearing date of 2 October and appoints new hearing date of 21 November 2018.Orders 26 September 2018


Date: 21st November, 2018

Time: 10am

Place: Level 10, John Maddison Tower, 86 Goulburn St, Sydney NSW 2000

If you have any enquiries, have any feedback or any more information, please contact John Bellamy on 0414 755 621 or email

Please feel free to share this page, and the facebook event:


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